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There is not a thing on this planet I love more than fucking a black woman up her big beautiful ass. It wasn’t always that way. In fact, it wasn’t until I met Shana that I had even considered the idea of fucking a woman up her ass.

Shana and I had been dating for a couple months and one night while I was getting ready to fuck that beautiful black pussy of hers, she looked me straight in the eye and asked me to fuck her up the ass. At first I thought she was joking, but she was insistent and I told her I would give it a try.

A couple minutes later, we were both naked and Shana was bent over in front of me, her big black ass and pussy both staring me dead in the face. Shana then told me to fuck her pussy for a while to get her juice flowing. Not needing more encouragement than that, I thrust my cock into her black pussy as hard as I could and began giving her a pussy pounding like none other. I was about to cum when she told me to put my cock in her ass. So I stopped fucking her, pulled my cock out and placed it against the edge of her ass.

“Now slide it in nice and slow,” Shana told me.

I situated my legs in good position to have some traction and then slowly began to shove my cock up the tight passage of Shana’s ass. She moaned slightly as I went in deeper and deeper until my cock was buried in her ass to the hilt. Then, I slowly slid it back out, causing her to moan again.

“That’s right baby, now go a little quicker this time,” she said.

I obeyed and slid my cock into her again. Then, I pulled out and slid it in again. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to fuck her up her ass as I began to increase speed. Her ass was tight and firm and gripped my cock like her pussy never had. Soon, I found myself fucking her ass harder and harder as she moaned in pleasure with each thrust.

As I fucked her ass harder and harder, I felt the familiar swelling of my cock begin again. Without really knowing why, I suddenly slapped Shana on the ass, which caused her to twitch and grip my cock with her ass even tighter. Then, I slapped her ass one more time and this time, as she gripped my cock, I felt myself begin to pump my cum into her. I arched my back into her, trying to bury my cock in her ass as deep as I could.

Once I had spent my load, I backed myself away from Shana panting and trying not to pass out. I looked at her with a bit of a goofy smile on my face.

“I don’t know what you did, girl, but that was the best fuck I ever had,” I told her.

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Yari worked in the same office with Mickey. They’re best friends since the first day of work. They work in meat processing company. Mickey was also been the man’s main attraction in the office because of her famous big black tits. She could melt you down when she simply past by in front of you. One night, our friend joined a company party and there were like 500 plus employees at the hotel. It was Thanks Giving day. Yari eagerly gave his present to Mickey while Mickey gave a little small box. Mickey opened her present first and saw a pair of thongs and a bra. She laughed and laughed. It was funny as the thong really looked good and she liked it. Now, its Yari’s turn.

He opened it, and it was a pair of color boxers with smiley’s printed on it. They laughed and said to each other “Happy Thanks Giving”!  There were fire works displays outside. They ate and drank. Enjoyed the night like there is no tomorrow. Yari have been day dreaming about Mickey for so long, and the fact that they are best friends, he didn’t like to think of it.


She locked the door, offered Yari a glass of wine and hurriedly opened the curtains and opened the windows. Voila! She never expected the view to be that perfect. They sat on both ends of the couch. Every time the fireworks explode in the sky, they shouted “Wow! whooOOOo! Oh my!” They took pictures as well as they took pictures of their own. Yari was silent for a while. He noticed that Mickey seductive looks seductive in little ways. She was wearing a tight black mini skirt and a white on the upper with spaghetti strap. For years of friendship, he was amazed that Mickey has a huge asset and those thick chocolate juggs did gave him a little bit of distraction while the fireworks display was still on going. He couldn’t anymore have a single sip of his wine as he felt warmer and his heart was pumping faster and faster. At that time Mickey was a little bit tipsy and asked Yari “hey pal! What’s bothering you?


“You’re worried of something or your feeling that you might go to the bath room, sit on the toilet and release the negative energy that is stored in your large intestine?” hahahaha!” He replied “No, it’s just I felt happy with someone else whom I met on the floor. Mickey, your one of the most promising accountants in the office while I’m just working in the meat shop, cut and grinds meats.” Mickey laughed “Yeah! One of the hottest meat grinders in the office! Know what? My friend Irene has a crush on you, ever since you guys met each other.” He replied with sigh “Ok, she nice and pretty, and here you go again” Mickey “What? Yar! Listen up boy; she is the hottest girl in the office, even the managers and the owner of the company couldn’t resist from asking her out.” Yari replied “Well, she is but I have no time for that, and why don’t you quit telling me that?” She replied “Ah, because, that’s life!” Yari “Oh ya, very nice Mick, a nice topic.”


The room was full of laughter with only 2 of them were there. Mickey run to her music box and chose a nice music that made them dance and not wanted to stop the music. It was getting late; it took them an hour of dancing and its 1:30am in the morning. After the dirty dancing, sat down again in the couch but now, Mickey laid on Yari in a spoon position. He was hugging her momentarily and sometimes his arms touched Mickey’s breast. “Yar, this may sound weird! Don’t full in love with Irene please!” he replied “woh!wooh! What’s this all about!




She wasn’t looking at him with infatuation. Her eyes mirrored the love Yari felt for her. They kissed but her lips parted slightly and her soft brown eyes once again hinted at the passion they shared for each other. She obviously wanted to be convinced that he really wanted to marry her. He was more than willing to do so. They kissed for quite some time. Yari lost track of the fire works display and everything else for that matter. He did brush one hand across her thick chocolate juggs. She let him, but stopped him the second time. She asked him “I take it you plan on staying in today?” Yari replied “Yes, unless you want to go out and find that preacher to marry us?” “You know, I haven’t even agreed to marry you yet,” Mickey said. Yari’s expression must have been funny because she laughed. “I hope you’re joking,” He replied and continued “My luck with women is terrible. I think I’ll become a monk if you dump Me.” at that very moment, they laughed again. After few minutes of funny and serious talks, she stood up and said “I can’t handle this anymore Yar; I don’t want to lose you.” She said as she turned, faced me and dropped her skirt and took off her shirt.


She was obviously tense, but even that couldn’t stop Yari from appreciating her beauty. She was gorgeous and sexy. She was trembling and was about to unbutton her bra. Yari stopped her. “Wow!” He said. Yari’s mouth opened a couple of times afterward, but he couldn’t think of anything else to say. Mickey smiled, but didn’t fully relax. It was obvious what she was planning. He just wasn’t sure she was ready. Yari said “Mick? We don’t need to rush things” Yari holding’s his hand over his heart as he overacted badly and finally admitted, taking a moment to appreciate her black breasts in their bared glory. They were even more spectacular than he could imagine. He gently pulled Mickey and unstrapped her bra. She has a thick chocolate juggs and her nipples were as tender and as tiny as a raisin Yari had for a snack last week.



He kissed her lips gently before putting her on her couch. Mickey lay looking up at him. Yari unbutton his pants and took of his shirt and it dropped to the floor. He could almost feel her desire grow. He gently took off his boxer. Mickey could see his hard cock and she was trembling for excitement. Yari took off her pink undies and forced himself to remember that this was still her first time. They kissed and he slowly worked his way down her body. He took his time and enjoyed the softness of her skin against his lips. Mickey tilted her head giving him access to her neck. He took full advantage of it. Slowly, Yari’s kisses fell lower until his tongue brushed against one of her nipples. It was surprisingly small considering the size of her breasts, yet it was also very sensitive.


He kissed and licked it while Mickey moaned and occasionally gasped. He moved his lips towards her other nipple, but was distracted by the softness of her breasts against my skin. Yari pressed his face between them and kissed. His dick stiffened to its full length. He loved the feel of his face being smothered between Mickey’s thick chocolate juggs. She was the first truly large breasted woman he’d ever been with and it was a new feeling for him. The slightly salty taste and encompassing softness was a strong aphrodisiac. He felt he could stay there forever. Perhaps it was a perverseness that was unique to him.


Yet if it was, then so be it. He continued to lick her and on his way down. She could feel her body tremble for excitment.Yari could smell her excitement. She was almost ready for her first orgasm of the night. If he did it right, it wouldn’t be the last. He started back at her stomach and slowly kissed his way down. Eventually, he allowed his tongue to find her center. She tensed momentarily, but then sighed and let her legs fall fully open. Mickey groaned. He used his tongue along the entire length of her black pussy before letting the tip slip deeper. She was hot and sticky and nothing ever tasted better! She cried as she grabbed his head, not really directing his tongue, but also not letting him move away.


He pushed his tongue as deeply as it would go. Mickey cried “Oh Yari! You’re driving me nuts! This feels so crazy! AaaAaH! Yar! Feels so good!” She was very noisy and Yari sense that she would reach her orgasm that time. He flicked his tongue back and forth across her clit as fast as he could until she screamed “Holly shit! Yar you fucking!” He heard that some women’s orgasms hit with such intensity that their juices literally sprayed out of them. Mickey was his first experience with one. She thrashed around the bed and cried out loudly as he did his best to drink what she offered. It took her quite a while to calm down enough to make sense. He moved between her legs and let the head of my cock brush against her ebony pussy. Mickey gasped. He smiled down at her and let the head of his cock push in. He stopped when he met resistance and worked the head of my cock in and out.


Mickey was panting by this time. Truth be told, so was He. Yari then slowly push in his hard cock and when he felt resistance he pulled it back. He asked Mickey “this would really hurt and I want you to concentrate and let go of your breathe” She nodded and replied “I’m ready” So Yari continued to push his cock inside her and slowly feeling that he felt the head of his cock successfully went inside her. She cried “Oh please stop! Stop! Aaaah! shit! Stop!” But Yari was in full strength and can’t hold too much any longer. He then forcedly pushed his cock deep inside her as she shouted “Yar! I could feel your inside me! Shit! AAAaaah!” Yari manage to do the push and pull motion and continued his journey he the love tunnel. Mickey said “Yar, it’s so painful, gosh! OooUch! Aah! ouch! But! But Aaah! It, it feels weird! aah! I feel good! aah!” Yari knew that time he hit the target point and started to push her a little bit faster. Mickey groaned and moans loud as she felt the orgasm for the first time.


As Yari was about to cum as well, he felt a loud squirt down and it felt wet and lubricated. It was her first cum ever. Yari made his motion a little bit faster and faster as he could fit at the tip of his lungs that his cannon ball is about to be release. He was so read and like those drug addicts who sniffs there cocaine. He explodes and gives it all he got. He made sure he release all his semen and liquid  inside her as Mickey on the other hands felt more sensitive down her. It took them several minutes before they stop and rested on the couch. Yari fell in the floor and slept while Mickey was tired of holding her breathe releases them and slept as well. When Yari woke up. He smelled pancakes and coffee. But part of his senses smelled something extra. He favorite. Bacon and cheese. He stood up naked. He saw his newly found girlfriend and future wife dressed with a long silk bed cloth.  They smiled and Yari asked himself “What more can I ask for?”

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Jacob woke up early for work. Brushed his teeth and took a shower. He had his breakfast, got dressed and never forgot to kiss Joanne’s picture, his high school crush. Jacob is medical student while Joanne was studying nursing. One evening, they were having their assignments on the same place, at the same time. Joanne was with her 2 classmates while Jacob was alone. Jacob couldn’t resist taking a glimpse or a view to Joanne. Jacob was at least 3 meters away in front of them.


Jacob couldn’t concentrate working his assignments as he has a perfect view to Joanne’s panties as Joanne’s wasn’t sitting properly. She was hot and had these big black boobs that stood out in a crowed! Jacob was sweaty and. Joanne was known to have big black boobs. A friend of Joanne noticed Jacob viewing Joanne’s undies and told Joanne about it. Instead of getting mad, Joanne continued widen her legs apart and teased Jacob. They finished they’re work first and her friends left Joanne. But as the school campus was beginning to silence as there were no more students visible in the area.


Joanne felt horny as Jacob was a good looking guy as well. They can’t help staring at each other so Jacob made a move. “Hi, you must be Joanne? Right?” Joanne replied “Ya, I noticed you way back high school, you were playing basketball for our school back then” Jacob replied “Yes, I did play for the team. Ok, so what are you up to today?” Joanne replied “Me and my friends just finished our homework and I decided to stay. Because I believe you might need some help there?” Jacob replied with a smile “Your funny Joanne, ah, where’s your boyfriend?” Joanne “Oh, I don’t have one, hehehe.” Joanne can’t help but tease Jacob as she noticed that the place was so silent and empty. Joanne asked Jacob if he could help her carry her things to the classroom.


When they arrived in the classroom, it seemed that Joanne was pulling some keys and opened the door. Joanne then told Jacob to light only the small lamp shade located the right corner of the classroom. Jacob’s heart was pumping hard as he couldn’t seem to hold his breathe anymore and made a move. He then tried to lock the door and never turned the lamp on. He the tried to hug and kissed her. Joanne replied with a hardcore that gave the night a stand out for pleasure. Jacob’s right hands then tried to make move and unbutton Joanne’s uniform from the back and when he successfully undid it, in no time he was massaging her monster black juggs.


He eagerly unbuttons his pants and slid his left hands down to Joanne’s undies and massages it in circles. John noticed that it was already wet and was so extremely excited to let his cock pound deep inside her. Joanne in reply tried to reach Jacob’s electrified hard rod and tried to stroke it slowly but with a perfect grip. Jacob liked it while Joanne was starting to moan and felt pleasure while he was massaging her from outside her panties in circular motion. As time goes by, Jacob pulled off Joanne’s undies, lift her weight and place her on the teachers table. When he found a perfect spot, he laid Joanne on the table and slowly thrust his red hot rod deep inside Joanne’s very wet black pussy.


He then pounds her fast and hard while Joanne’s was crying for pleasure. He then untied her bra and it gave him a perfect view on her hard nipples. He licked her nipples and caressing her monster black juggs while pounding her hard. Her juice was so sweet that it gave a lubrication that gave Jacob a perfect push and pull motion. Jacob have taken advantage of the time so then pulled Joanne up, lift her feather-like weight and pound her in a standing position. As the place was so silent, Joanne never hesitated to moan at the top of her lungs as she liked the feeling of sex so much. As Jacob felt that his near the end of the road, they shift to a hot doggy style position and gave him a nice pound for pound motion.


Joanne moaned “Aah! ah!AAH! AAAAH! Oh shit I am almost there! aah! AAAAh!”. When Jacob noticed it, he then stopped holding back and thrust deep inside her. He put his face on Joanne’s monster black juggs. They perfectly exploded together and felt a lifetime of pleasure. Joanne felt warm and wet that her orgasm slid along Jacob’s seman down her legs. They were so sweat and hot that it took them another 2 rounds. She was pretty exhausted and dehydrated on this very memorable experience they’ve encounter. After the encounter, they were still naked they’re clothes were scattered all over the classroom. Suddenly they noticed that some was trying to open the door. They were amazed that it was the old janitor checking if someone was in the classroom due to the unusual sounds he heard from outside.

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This incident happened in August of last year when my boyfriend from L.A. paid me a visit at work. It was a surprise visit since we got into a really awful fight prior and it was hard to work things out since we didn’t see eye to eye on this subject. I’m a radio jock, by the way, and he caught me in the middle of board work. We talked and things got a little steamy and we started making out. I remember that it was really a bad time when I resisted his invitation for our first time to have sex. I broke up with him because I thought that it was the only thing he wanted from me. I am a black busty woman with big black titties so men usually talk to my chest instead of to me.

I finally realized that he was not like any other guy after that fight. My bunny never looked at another woman. I realized that he really loved me and I loved him too. I’ve never been the most beautiful girl and in fact I’m kind of geeky. I was in good shape (skinny) and tried to take care of my body. Maybe this is what caused me to hold on to my virginity for so long. I wasn’t a brain, happy being a C student. My parents live close by and keep in touch regularly.

I know they love me, but from birth they’ve continually tried to mold me into something I’m not. Mother always encouraged me to ‘dress pretty, because you’re not…’ though in looking at the words written they’re not nearly as encouraging as I’d have liked them to be. But it was her way. She never dressed me like a whore, but always bought me clothes that could be whore’s clothes with just a little bit of tuning. I’m not a whore, never wanted to be one, and when many of the girls in high school were sleeping with their boyfriends because it seemed the thing to do, I didn’t. I even had one ex-boyfriend tell everyone that we’d slept together.

I said nothing to refute it which convinced most people he had slept with me. I didn’t care, my body is mine and I plan to keep it that way. Anyway, back to the present. We went to the beach and found a cave-like area, and we talked. I told him that I regretted our fight. I said “I’m sorry we fought and I never wanted to hurt you, I love you” I tried to kiss him, giving him a signal that I wanted something. Then I got ballsy and motioned for him to remove his shorts. With a shrug he did, and exposed what looked like a good 7 inches of cock for my eyes. As he did, I inched closer to him. He set his shorts back on the concrete as I got close enough to him that my thigh touched his.

My hand reached out and touched the first real cock I’d ever held. He reached out, and lightly stroked my thighs began to work higher. I was clumsy and I just reached right out for his cock and started to stroke. All of a sudden it was his thumb that was pressing onto the skin over my clitoris, and then slowly it worked inside and was directly on that button. Then another finger started working its way up and down my now eager black pussy. Again he let me settle down onto his cock, then when there was only resistance and no penetration he stopped. He repeated this at least four times and I began to wonder if I would ever really get to lose my virginity.

Maybe I was too tight, or needed a smaller cock, like a pin prick sized one or something. He repeated it once more, and this time I took my feet and pulled on him, pulling myself even tighter onto his cock. And then I felt it start to slide into a space it had never been before. I let out a soft squeal, because it really did hurt. Far worse than the first few times I got menstrual cramps and didn’t know what they were. Far worse than when I’d been kicked by that bitch Cindy Norman in soccer. But it also felt good. I finally had a man’s cock inside my pussy. It hurt but felt good. He caressed my busty chest and he tried to kiss me. I couldn’t concentrate on kissing him as the pain was bad. We pushed and pulled liked there was no tomorrow. I tried to hold my moan and lower down my voice but I couldn’t help it.

I needed to let go, good thing the waves was there at least to join the noise I made. He kissed my nipples and licked them and massaged my tits, calling me his “black busty”. My boy was a very tall man. I could just barely peak over his shoulder and see mother and dad walk to the edge of the pool and look down at us, fortunate for us was the fact that it had grown pretty dark and there were no lights here, for when their eyes adjusted and I heard people cry out, we both suddenly exploded. He kept on kissing my black busty chest.  After that, we run, clothed our self and pretended as if nothing happened.

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To me, there is nothing better than big black escorts. Sure, I know I could get pussy from a black girl anytime I want. But, getting pussy is sometimes too much of a hassle. Besides, many of my friends aren’t into the big black girls like I am. So, hooking up with a big black girl at a bar or some shit like that can be embarrassing. Don’t get me wrong. I love heavy girls. To me, they are extremely sexy. But, dealing with the shit from my friends can be too much of a pain.


When I hire a big black escort, I know I can get that pussy without having to worry about being seen out in public with her and getting busted by my friends. Instead, I can hook up with that fat girl on the down-low and no one has to know anything about what I am doing.


Fat black girls make the best lovers if you ask me. Those girls don’t give a shit about trying to look pretty and shit. They just get in there and fuck you raw. Not only that, I find that those big girls must feel like they have something to prove. Those skinny girls think they are “all that” and they act like you are lucky just to be getting a piece of that black pussy. Fat girls, on the other hand, are grateful for getting a big, fat cock in them.


It’s even better when you hook up with big black escorts. After all, those girls are getting paid to make you happy. Shit, if you ask me, those girls are happy to be getting some cock and would probably do the job for free if they had to.


I hooked up with this one escort and that woman blew my fucking mind. I didn’t have to worry about foreplay and all that shit. That girl was on the clock and she knew it was all about me. So, I didn’t have to do all that playing with her black pussy and shit to get her wet. I mean, with an escort, I really don’t give a fuck if she gets off or not. I just want to get my fucking nut off.


Anyway, I hooked up with this escort and I just went straight for the pussy. She came to my house and I just told her to take off her clothes and to get on my bed spread eagle. She did just as I told her. Damn, that girl looked hot. She was just laying there, bare fucking naked with her fat thighs spread open. She had a big hairy pussy, too – just like I like them to be. Her big ass tits were spread open and laying over her sides and the rolls of fat flowed from beneath her tits.


I didn’t waste my time going over there and playing with her tight pussy. Instead, I climbed up on her chest and stuck my dick in her mouth. After she sucked me and got me hard, I slipped my cock inside her pussy. That girl must have loved to give head because her pussy was soaking wet after just sucking on my dick.


I fucked the shit out of that girl. It wasn’t about being sweet and loving and gentle. No. I ravaged that girl. I pounded her pussy so hard that she was screaming from both pleasure and from pain. I grabbed those titties and sucked those nipples until it felt like it was going to fill up my entire mouth. Now, that is what fucking an escort should be all about.

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Every man fantasizes about watching women have sex. But, for me, I don’t want to just see any women having sex. You might think that I want to see some young thing with a tiny waste fucking another skinny girl, but that is not the case. No, I would rather watch big black women having sex.


There is something about watching big black girls having sex that is simply amazing. I used to watch porn movies with these big black queens going at it, but I have had a couple of times when I got to watch them having sex in real life. I tell you what, watching women fuck on video is a good time, but nothing is better than seeing it in real life.


The first time I got to see two big ebony women having sex was actually on accident. I was at a friend’s house and there were a bunch of us just sitting around having a good time. There were a couple of big black girls that I was really into and I was flirting with them all night. Finally, one of my friends leaned over and said, “Give it up, Dawg. Those girls are lesbians. They don’t want anything to do with what you have to offer.


The thought of those two black girls hooking up and fucking each other was even better than the thought of getting my own dick wet. But, I kept flirting anyway. I was hoping I could get them worked up. Shit, maybe they wouldn’t be fucking me, but maybe I could get them hot enough to fuck each other.


Despite all of my flirting, those girls didn’t seem to be getting worked up. So, I was about ready to give up. At one point, they both got up to leave to go to the bathroom. I really didn’t think anything of it. Hell, girls go to the bathroom together all the time.


Not long after, I went to my friend’s bedroom to grab my coat because I wanted to go outside and have a cigarette. When I walked into that room, I got the surprise of my life. There were those two black girls, totally fucking naked and going at it.


The one girl had her face completely buried in the other girl’s pussy. That is one of the things I love about watching fat girls fuck. When they eat that black pussy, their faces get completely buried in all of those folds of fat and in those big thighs. Not only that, when they are getting off, big girls really make a racket. I mean, they don’t give a fuck who hears them. And, when they are moving those big ass thighs around, they really make that bed shake.


So, the one girl was eating the other girl out when I first walked in the room. Then, she pulled out this huge dildo and started fucking that girl while she kept licking her clit. It wasn’t long before that girl was cumming all over the other girl’s face. Then, they got into a 69 position, with each girl lying on her side, and they kept playing with each other’s pussies.


I know those girls had to know that I was there, but they didn’t seem to care. In fact, they seemed like they were getting off even more at the thought of me watching them fuck the shit out of each other.


I never did try to join in or anything. I just sat there and enjoyed the show. When they were done and they rolled over to catch their breath, I just slipped out of the room and went outside to have my cigarette. I really needed it by that time!

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There is something about big black women that I have always loved. Those soft curves, huge tits, and big asses are a real turn on to me. Not only that, but I swear big black women are hornier than them skinny little girls and they know how to really fuck the hell out of a guy. So, for me, I will take black bbws over prissy skinny girls any day.


I have had a lot of success with hooking up with big black women. Of all of the big women I have been with, though, I would have to say that Katrina was my favorite.


Katrina had to have weighed at least 250 pounds – and I swear that at least 50 of those pounds was tits and ass. That girl had tits that just seemed to go on forever and her ass was wide and stuck out like a shelf. Not only that, but she liked to have that ass spanked.


I found out that Katrina liked to be spanked right after I met her at a club. She was on the dance floor shaking her ass with a bunch of her girlfriends when I moved in the for the kill. I danced my way up behind her and started moving with her big black ass. We both started inching in closer until her ass was grinding up against my cock and we were both grinding away to the music. The more we danced, the more turned on we both became. Finally, she said “Smack my ass, baby!”


I did as she asked, but I only gave her a light swat.


“Smack it harder, honey! Smack it like you mean it!” she shouted.


So, I went ahead and gave her ass a good pop and she told me to smack it again. Before I knew it, I was out there smacking her ass to the rhythm of the music and she was moaning and groaning with every smack.


When the song ended, she turned to me and said, “Why don’t you show me what else you’ve got, sugar?”


That’s what I really love about big babes. They know what they want and they aren’t into playing little games. They want to get laid and they know you want to get laid, so they just get right to the point.


“Sure, baby, let’s go back to my place,” I said to her.


So, Katrina got into my car with me and she went to work with pleasuring me right away. My ass was hardly in the driver’s seat before she had my dick out of my pants and was sucking me. She sucked and licked my cock until we got to my place. We took it to the bedroom, where she sucked me until I blew all over her face. Then, she played with me some more until she got me back up and climbed up on me.


Another thing I like about large black girls is that they will fuck a man like there is no tomorrow, and that is just what Katrina did. After she got me back up, she straddled by body and slipped my cock right into her big black pussy and started pounding away at me. Her big tits bounced and jiggled as she rode my cock fast and furious. It wasn’t long before she had her first orgasm. Then, she slowed down and started squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles while she took slowly rode every inch of my dick. When she sped back up, I couldn’t hold back any longer and we both had another orgasm together. Yep, big black horny women are the best lovers and I will take one of them any day of the week.

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I once had a boyfriend who was a naval officer assigned south of Hawaii. It was a long-distance relationship and he would often make phone calls for a few minutes and then wait to talk again for a couple weeks. I never tried to cheat on him because it would have been my loss if I did. He was super hot. Tall dark and handsome. He was my long time crush during high school up to college. I am still studying medicine, while he already graduated and had a job on a naval ship. For 2 long years it was really boring and sad not to see your boyfriend who happened to be your dream guy. I felt dry on my big ebony bosoms like I would die virgin.

One day, he called to say that he would arrive within a week and I was very eager to see him. I never suspected that he was already outside the house and I was so shocked that he was there for couple of hours already and here I was still with morning breath. I then let him sat down the living room while my mom offered him a meal. It took me an hour before I came out of the bathroom. When he saw me, he stood and was stunned by my beauty. I asked him “now, where are we?” he told me “aaAAaah, ah, ah, ah, we, we, I, I will show you around, I mean, I’ll give you a tour of the ship”.

We then went there and he showed me every corner of the ship. At the very north, the tip of the naval ship. He gave me a diamond ring. The place was filled with silence and I said “Yes” and kissed him softly. It was like we’re in the movie “TITANIC” I tried to watch the sky and shouted “I’m the queen of the world” He was silent but smiled seductively. I felt so sexy so I also gave him a look that melted his world. We kissed and hugged tightly. I then grabbed his ass and he did the same. I felt surprised but I know definitely I wouldn’t hesitate to give him my virginity without a question, but in the naval ship? I couldn’t imagine. But when we kissed it’s like the world went dark and I felt like we’re the only people living in this world. I was so hot that I unconsciously touched his hard weapon. I was wearing a sexy tube and it was very easy for him to massage my big ebony bosoms. In no time, we stop for awhile and tried to look around, all people was having a party inside. And after we had the place secured, he then pulled my tube down exposing my nips.

He then kissed and sucked hungrily. It felt so good that it was tingly and electrifying. He then tried to slide down his right hand to my virgin pussy and massaged it softly. It felt weird but the intensity of the feeling couldn’t be measured. I then understood that we both wanted to fuck and this was our chance. It was hard to look for secluded area except this place. And so dangerous if he’d let me sit in the metal bars because I might fall into the sea. I then, without questions turned around and decided to be de-virginize doggy style!

He then pulled up my mini skirt up and pulled down my thongs. He unlocked his hidden bazooka and never ask me but instead thrust in me slowly. I moaned loudly and he tried to cover my mouth with his left hand. He struggled to thrust my sweet black pussy. He then gently pulled off and pushed again and successfully went deep inside me. I could feel his weapon plunging deeper.

At first it was really painful and I needed to moan to release the pain. But after awhile when he was slowly and romantically in and out, it started to feel real good. I felt love because I could sense that he knew I was in pain, then for a few minutes I felt pain and pleasure. It was so good that my moan wasn’t in pain but for pleasure now. I was telling him “fuck me harder boy!” He knew that I was about to enjoy and experience my first cum. So he gently increased his speed and pressure on me, I felt good for the first time and I knew that this was it. He then held tightly to my hips as I writhed like an untamed lioness and I could feel that he was close to climax too.

So he asked me “are you almost?” I said while holding my breathe “Give me 10 more seconds” I tried to hold the intensity of my feelings because I knew I has to let it go. I then exploded first and shout “AAAaaaaaaaAAAAh!” I knew it took me half a minute shout “AAAAAAAAAaaaah! OoOOh! AAAh!” I felt that him explode as he fucked harder and harder, my juicy pussy was throbbing and he then exploded inside me again. I noticed I felt wet from my pussy all down my legs. I knew it was bloody down there but I didn’t care! We had finally done it. He then pulled his inner shirt off and wiped me down there. He then asked if I want to rest and I replied “Yes, I need it but please stay with me” He said “I love you and you are mine forever”.

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Ed played football since high school. He was one of those average players on a team that could also help a team win a competition. During a practice, fans go see the team captain and the hottest player in the team, it was Robert. Almost all girls in school had a crush on him, except for one girl. Angel was a nice girl that goes to school and studies hard. She doesn’t look like a geeky type of person. She was beautiful and gorgeous. She always wore a simple tight shirt and her big black boobs were her asset, as she well knew. She never had a boyfriend in her entire life. She is the girl whom Robert courted for 3 years and never received any yes from her.


Although Robert slept with other girls almost every night, Angel was her dream girl. One morning while the team was having a practice. Angel was doing her part in a group project. Ed always was the silent player and was not that much appreciated compared to other players. While the main players was doing a meeting with the coach. Ed went to water station beside where Angel was doing some project. Although Angel was one of the most unique beautiful girl. Ed never attempted to talk to her even though they took biochemistry together.


The day ended. Ed went home and ate dinner with his family. He was the only child. He had a great normal day like anyone else. Slept and woke up to enjoy another day. This time it wasn’t a sunny but a rainy day. When Ed was on his way to school, he passed by a waiting shed and saw Angel was wet because of the strong wind and rain. Ed stopped for awhile turned his van around and asked Angel “Hey, I’m on my way to school, how about you?” Angel smiled, and replied “we’re on the same page”.  Ed opened the door for Angel and lends Angel his football jacket. Angel said thanks to Ed. He replied with a smile and asked why she is alone in a rainy day; she replied “I always go to school alone rainy or sunny day. Ed never thought that Angel lived 5 blocks from his house. After a moment of silence, Angel said thanks again for the watermelon shake and wet tissue; it gave her a relaxing feeling that gave her the extra strength to continue and finished her homework.


Ed gave a smile again and said your welcome. It was pretty obvious that Ed was really different from any other guys Angel met in school. Ed was mysterious and had a pretty good record with his class grades and never failed a subject. He was a good looking guy but was regarded as an average ordinary in school besides from being part of the school football team. He never wasted his time and never intended to set aside any of his studies and kept his scholarship.


Ed was so eager to touch, hug and tease her but gave her respect and kept his distance. Angel on the other hand was excited to have a chance to hug him as well. The time teases them and waves formed and it made Ed unconsciously hug the excited Angel. Their bodies touched together. But since the long pants gave her a hard to swim, she took it off and threw it in the sand. Ed was beginning to feel hard as he was watching Angel’s long legs. Now as Angel was hugging him again, he felt the soft untouched legs of Angel and he felt extremely. It was funny as Angel felt some huge stick touching her legs and hips. Although she was sensing that it was Ed’s junior Jones standing. She never mind it, instead she continued tickling Ed and swim and shouting.


This is the psychological impact of a person that fails to balance studies and making fun for their free time. While she was playing the waters she accidentally touched Ed’s rod thinking that it’s just a huge stick floating along the waves. Angel then shouted at Ed while closing her eyes “Know what you jerky face asshole! hahaha! Stop tickling me or else I’ll hit you with this wood stick!” She wonders why it has weight, after awhile she stopped whole holding Ed’s dick tightly. In her surprise, she was indeed holding Ed’s penis and it was her first time. Ed was looking into her eyes closely and was tempted to kiss her. It was Angel’s time kissing. Ed massages her untouched big black boobs. She closed her eyes and felt the sensational pleasure she felt for the first time.


Ed’s hand slid down and massages her clit in circular motion. On Ed’s other hand, he slid it back at her and grabbed her butt. Ed lifts her to the shore and unbuttons her bra and kisses her sweet tiny nipples. She felt her nipples getting harder. She was feeling weird and wet down in her. While Ed was licking her body and massaging her breast, unconsciously she moaned. It gave Ed a go signal. He then pulled her panties down her panties and licked her virgin black pussy from top to bottom, and on the sides of her vaginal lips. Her vagina was getting swollen. She was moaning all the time. Ed then tried to thrust his penis into her.


But Ed noticed that she was still virgin. But Ed didn’t mind it as he felt unstoppable like the strong waves hitting hard through the rocks.

He forced his dick to penetrate it inside her that shift the pleasurable moan of Angel into a crying moan. Angel was already crying as Ed tried to insert his huge dick inside her swollen vagina. While massaging her big black boobs, Ed had a hard time to get inside her; he inserted his middle finger and successfully went inside. Angel moaned and holds her breathe. After 2 minutes minutes he then thrust his dick forcibly. His penis’ head was inside her. The rain was still strong. Half of Ed’s dick went inside her as he already reached her cervix. He then pulled and pushed her hard. Angel was already shouting to stop Ed from having sex with her. But Ed told her that the pain is just for the first time and apologizes that it’s hard for him stop as he is now in heat. Angel just nods her head and ignored the painful sex for the first time.


Angel was moaning and crying for her life. Angel stretched her legs wide and giving Ed the perfect spot to get inside her. Ed told her that it’ll feel good later. The place was so cold due to the heavy rain. It took an hour and Ed felt the feeling to blow.Ed told Angel that he was about to explode, while crying, Angel asked Ed why she didn’t felt good but instead she felt tremendous pain. Ed told her this is just the first time and it should feel that way. Ed was holds his breathe, pulled his dick out her and stood and targeted into her mouth and explode a huge amount of sperm on her mouth. Angel was gripping his dick and strokes it. She swallowed all of Ed’s sperm and making sure she had them all. She didn’t mind her bloody pussy instead she sucked Ed’s cock and make sure its juice is cleaned up. She felt pain but managed to smile. She was very happy. After the surprising event.


They went back to a bar in the beach have a coffee break. Both of them were silent. Angel suddenly laughed and told Ed, “Ed, you’re fucking unfair. Make sure 3 days from now, you’ll give me that pleasure you promised. Ed said yes and I’m sorry, I never wanted to but I can’t hold it anymore. The days past. And they still manage to see each other. Now, they had sex in her room whenever Angel’s parents were not in the house. Angel was addicted to Ed’s dick was always the one who does the first move.

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To celebrate our fifth month together, my boyfriend and I decided to go and eat at a fancy restaurant. What I love about him is that he didn’t seem to mind that I was getting to be a chubby black girl. He claimed that there was more cushion for the pushing if you know what I mean!

After much debating we decided instead to go home and cook our own dinner instead. This way we could have a lot more fun and we would have our privacy to do it! We then went into the kitchen which was just in front of the garage, we had the windows open to let in a nice breeze as we cooked and I could feel the glazing fresh wind.

But I guess I was just too horny to wait until the dinner was over, right there in that little kitchen I showed him just exactly how hot I was! I shook my ample hips and stroked my body seductively for him. My playing around seemed to have heated him up because he totally forgot about the dinner too! Things heated up and before I knew it, I was almost totally naked before him, my blouse hung open giving him a nice view and we were doing the deed!

“I want you to fuck me baby. Please just fuck me,” I mumbled. I felt his hands around my back undoing my bra, I felt it sag, and he ripped off my blouse and then my bra. I had his black cock out and it was already hard. “Are you really, I mean do you want this, baby?” he asked me, unsure if I was really into it.”Stop asking me that and just do it,” I moaned. Lust took hold of him and he bunched up my skirt. My wet panties were pulled down, and he bent me over the kitchen table.

I could hear his little excited gasps and groans. He entered my black pussy and grabbed my hips starting to pump me furiously and oh He pushed so hard! It felt so good! I moan as loud as I could every time he entered me. He began pulling me back as he shoved his pelvis forward. “Oh damn baby, oh bloody hell!” I felt like a goddess who had majorly strong sexual powers over man. That was how good it felt. Two minutes of frantic fucking in the kitchen and he came, jabbing at me emptying his cock. He panted hard as if he had run a marathon. Five minutes into it and I already came twice, how good was that?! We were totally oblivious to the whole fucking world when my dad’s car parked right in front of us in the driveway and beamed a light on us.

I panicked, images of us inside of my dad’s precinct flashing before my eyes. But good thing we had reached and finished the climax. Funny thing is that my dad just had his eye operation due to severe eye injury and he didn’t even notice when he came in that my skirt was tucked into my stocking.